Friday, December 7, 2012

2nd Super Robot Wars OG - Stages 25 & 26

I didn't stream this live, but recorded the stages themselves for anybody to peruse at their leisure on my YouTube channel.

Stage 25: Kukuru and a squad of Youkijin attack a city near the Tesla Leicht Institute, while lures the Kurogane with Zengar, Ratsel, Yuuki and Carla away from the lab while Hou simultaneously launchs an attack aimed to recover the RyuuOuKi's Gogyouki (Five Element Vessel, its heart/power source).

At the Gaia Saviours' headquarters Grand Christmas, Arriere sneaks into and access Professor Wang's private data and learns that she and Devant are not complete Idealants, and have a finite lifespan. Furthermore, her creator Professor Ozunu was murdered by GS. When asked by Professor Wang what she wants to do with her life now that she knows the truth. She says she wants to leave the Gaia Saviours. Wang gives her the Flickerei Geist to use to escape, and asks her to shoot and kill him. If he's left alive, GS will force him to continue to perform inhumane experiments. Arriere hesitates but accepts his request and shoots him in the abdomen and flees to the Tesla Leicht laboratory.

During the Youkijin siege of Tesla, Kusuha successfully interfaces with RyuuOuKi's soul within the Gogyouki implanted into a Grungust Nishiki. RyuuOuKi's power transforms the Grungust, allowing it access to some of its former armaments (such as the Kinkoubou) and emerges as the RyuuJinKi (Dragon-Man Machine). When the Youkijin are repelled, Hou is joined by Kanan, the partner of JakuOuKi (Suzaku). Kanan does not seem concerned by the turn of events. Rather, she's excited at the prospect of Kusuha's development as a Psychodriver and a pilot of a Chokijin. Kusuha detects Kanan's presence and feels a chill down her spine.

Stage 26: Arriere arrives at the Tesla Leicht laboratory and introduces herself as a former member of the Gaia Saviours' Beta squad, who has defected. She puts down her weaponry and asks the institute to examine her unit's power source, the Fau Kern. Before that happens, Devant shows up with a squadron of GS units. Arriere asks how he was able to track her, and Devant states that she's too soft. Professor Wang's wound was not fatal, and they were able to torture him for information as to her whereabouts. Devant then turns his attention to Ing, as he recognizes as another traitor to the Gaia Saivours. This revelation comes as a shock to a few people, who quickly get over it in the face of Devant's hostile behavior. Devant explains the circumstances behind Ing's desertion, and tells the Tesla staff to surrender both Arriere and Ing peacefully. Rio refuses, but Kazahara tells her not to do anything that risks making them "traitors" in the eyes of GS, who are sanctioned by the President to act. Arriere states flatly that she will not return to GS under any circumstances and prepares to retaliate, followed closely by Ing.

When Devant's escorts are destroyed, he goes on the offensive and seizes Ing's R-Blade. He begins to crush the cockpit, telling Arriere not to move a muscle unless she wants Ing's life to be forfeit. The Tesla staff begin preparations to sortie the Exbein Ashe to assist him when Amala arrives in the Galylnagant (Code:Evil) and damages the Ares Geist's arm. Amala confirms Ing's survival to herself and then decides to put on a little show for the Steel Dragons. At that moment, Devant receives an order from headquarters to abandon pursuit of the traitors and return. He angrily leaves, leaving Amala to attack Ing herself. Ing curses the fact that he's going to die without knowing anything, and goes into a trance as his Psychodriver powers manifest. He scans the battlefield for a weapon he can use, and locates the just-launched Ashe. He uses his Psychodriver powers to interface with the Ashe's T-LINK System, allowing him to bring it over to his stricken R-Blade. He boards the Ashe, and Robert confirms the reaction of a Telekinesis Alpha Pulse, signifying Psychodriver emergence. Kusuha states that Ing isn't himself, and Kirk agrees: Ing isn't using the T-LINK System, he's using the Uranus System. Much like the one aboard Ryuusei's R-1, it temporarily amplifies the Psychodriver's powers in response to extreme stress. Ing begins to rage, and angrily attacks Amala, stating that he's not prey, he is a predator.

When reduced below 20k HP, Amala leaves, satisfied that she successfully pressed Ing into awakening his powers. Ing is hospitalized briefly after the ordeal, and awakens with no memory of what happened after he made T-LINK Contact with Ashe. The characters talk a little about Amala, whose unit has been tentatively codenamed Code: Evil by the Institute's staff. Arriere explains the Idealant Project to Ratsel. She and her "brother" Devant are hybrid humans designed by Professor Enji Ozunu designed to ultimately replace mankind, and become the "ideal humans". Arriere explains that she isn't actually specced for combat, but sovereignty. Specifically, ruling over humans. She goes on to explain that the Fau Kern that powers both her Flickerei Geist and Devant's Ares Geist is none other than a Jetzt core. Furthermore, while her Flickerei is a chimera of Rapiecage and Alt Eisen components, Devant's Ares Geist is a fusion of Tsentr Project technology and Jetzt biomechanical components. Ratsel muses that the enemy just seem to keep popping up out of thin air. He asks Arriere what she intends to do, and she asks to join the Steel Dragons.

The Kurogane decides to remain at Tesla to defend against any further incursions by Baral, while a team is dispatched to the Hawaii base to rendezvous with Gilliam. The Ashe and RyuuJinKi will be brought along for further examination, as Ing's T-LINK hijack of the Ashe appears to have caused malfunctions. Arriere approaches Ing and apologizes that she cannot shed any more light on his past. When she returned to HQ after his apparent death, she found that all data pertaining to his existence had been erased.

Meanwhile in Paris, Nibhal reports to Alteul that the 22nd Child has been confirmed at Tesla and joined the Steel Dragons. Alteul laughs, stating that he could not have dreamed of a better turn of events. Perhaps God himself is steering their good fate. Nibhal asks if they'll be moving on to the next plan, and Alteul affirms with a smirk.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Getter Robo Anthology - Chapter 6 (FINAL)

I... completely forgot to update on here. Sorry about that.

This is the final chapter of my collaboration with Patrick of Dynamic Pro Scanlations, a story about the last moments of Tomoe Musashi.


Omnibus (LQ):
Omnibus (HQ): Download @ Bayfiles

Where do I go from here? I don't actually know at the moment.

Tentative plans involve collaborating with Patrick to translate the Giant Robo: Siege of Babel manga.
On the subject of Muv-Luv, I'm currently debating whether or not to continue Alternative.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Getter Robo Anthology - Chapter 2

As stated before, I have begun a collaboration with Patrick of Dynamic Pro Scanlations. And, as promised, here is the first fruits of our collective labour: Getter Robo Anthology Chapter 2 (Chapter 1 is available on his blog). Head over to his blog and shower him with affection.